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VIN support to Mr. Rishi Lamichhane for rebuilding his house post the massive earthquake of 2015

Published on: 08/10/2018

Voulunteers Initiative Nepal gave support to Mr. Rishi Lamichhane for rebuilding his house post the massive earthquake of 2015. His house is one of the 1500 house in Kavresthali region. There are 8 members in his family with 3 male members. His wife recounts the day of the earthquake when she was in the market-“I could see there were cracks on the ground that made big holes. Trees nearby collapsed and I was terrified but safe. After the earthquake, I ran to my home only to find my small granddaughter in the rubble of the house that was devastated. But luckily, she was safe with no major injuries. Many neighbors died with some homes collapsed with all members of the family. Still now the memories of the earthquake haunts me.” Though all the family members were safe, with the only house now collapsed living have become worse for them and they just wait for support to turn their despair around.

Rishi of age over 50, himself is differently abled and walks with difficulty. His only son does some seasonal manual works near the village. Other than the son, there is no one in the family to possess stable income and have just two cows. The family also does not have agricultural land compared to other in the same region which has made this family all the more burdened.

After the earthquake, the family lived with neighbors in safer place for few weeks but then they had to build a temporary shelter of their own later. After more than two years, they are still in the same temporary house but with hope for the better life ahead. They are happy with VIN for the support of volunteers and monetary help which gave them strength to overcome this adversity as no other support had come to them.

Their house is now two third completed with their own investment of 2 million till now. The government support they received is around 300 thousand whereas VIN’s support is 50 thousand and some volunteer help. But for final completion of the house they are in need of more money and so has stopped the construction process for now. Rishi’s wife told that they may have to take loans for the completion as there is no other option left. They are hopeful for more support in coming days from VIN.

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