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Volunteer and Internship Programs

We offer international volunteer and internship programs in various fields like women and youth empowerment, children’s development, teaching, environment & conservation, public health, management & administration, Journalism and public interest. All these volunteer and internship programs are run in selected disadvantaged communities in Nepal in order to maximize the impact of volunteers. Our integrated approach of community development will assure the whole community mobility where volunteers / interns of various education and cultural background can exchange their culture freely. Volunteers / interns from overseas also will have opportunity to immerse into Nepali culture and make friends.

Volunteerism is considered as a selfless practice performed with a motive to help the people or society in need. Volunteering comes from the sense of humanity and responsibility. We believe if you have sense of humanity you will be spontaneously helping people in need. Volunteering is helping the people or community in need with service motivation but not profit motivation.

In Nepal, there is a long history of informal volunteering in different forms of social activities but not long history of formal volunteering through the establishment of volunteering organizations / institutions. So in the recent days, government & non-government volunteer organizations in Nepal have started mobilizing local and international volunteers on development and rescue activities. There are hundreds of volunteer and internship programs available but you should be very careful which organizations are legitimate. You should also check if they are non-profit or for profit organizations. We have incorporated TIPs on how to choose right volunteer organization & volunteer program

We named our organization “Volunteers Initiative Nepal” because we believe that positive transformation of the community is also possible by volunteerism and volunteers can initiate a creative approach to the development model. We initiated all our community development projects voluntarily using our local knowledge, experiences, skills and expertise. Soon after inception of VIN, local volunteers became major part of our community development process. Our founder directors believed that if we inspire people to give back something to the community / people in need, this process may bring peace & harmony in the community and we should stand as model characters – the result be a lasting change.

The poor countries like Nepal rely upon grants from the government or other donor agencies. As a result, the benefits are realized only as long as grants/donations are received. VIN believes the communities are only empowered if they feel the sense of “ownership”. So teaching the community how to be self sufficient is very important.

Internship projects are mainly designed for university students, fresh graduates, career developers who want to improve their academic credentials or career skills. You may participate in all our projects as a volunteer or an intern. The only difference on our volunteering and internship  project is the nature of support, guidance on the administration of the projects.

In the developed countries internship is very crucial for the student. It is a part of academic career. In Nepal, practice of internship has just evolved. The university and college have included internship program on their academic curriculum to halt the theoretical based education system. VIN usually have lots of international and national volunteers and interns participating on our various community volunteer and internship programs / projects.

We are promoting internship so as to contribute to the career development of young and potential students. Internship helps for mutual development of both community and the students. The students can apply their theoretical knowledge in the community and the community can benefit through the expertise of the students. Thus internship allows bilateral benefits for the interns and the community people. Internship is for the students/career builders who need to translate their academic knowledge into practical skills. Whereas volunteering is performed more independently which may require less guidance and supervision, involves less logistic support.

Internship on the other hand is targeted for the students, graduates, career builders who need to translate their academic knowledge into practical skills. The interns thus require more mentoring, guidance and supervision. Internship demands more logistical supports in the form of paperwork, supervision and communication with the university/school.

VIN has several Volunteer & internship projects designed to achieve the goal of Holistic community development approach. We empower disadvantaged communities by four major development initiatives i.e. women empowerment, community health, children development and youth empowerment. Our four pillars of development initiatives are education, health, income & basic infrastructure which are vital for the empowerment of disadvantaged communities.

We have 10 Program categories for volunteering & and internship: Teaching Program, Children Development, Women Empowerment, Public Health, Environment and Conservation, Youth Empowerment, Public Interest, Management and Administration, Journalism, Adventure & Volunteer.

Due to lack of education and capable trained teachers, the situation of poor people in under developed countries like Nepal is more vulnerable. To educate the Nepalese youths, we have developed the “Teaching Volunteer Program“. Our Teaching volunteer program includes various projects such as: Teacher Development, Teaching English in public schools and Buddhist monasteries.

Teacher Development

Teacher Development program is designed in order to train and capacitate the maximum number of untrained and incapable teachers in rural areas of Nepal. We run various teacher training programs. If you are a professional teacher, you may participate on teacher development volunteer program and support our mission of improving quality education in public / community schools.

Computer science

Realizing the fact that huge numbers of students in community schools are unfamiliar with Information Technology, we have initiated “Teaching Computer Science” under the “Teaching Volunteer Program”. The volunteers and interns will teach IT skills to the students aged 9 to 15 years in the public & community schools. You may also teach internet skills for teachers, youth & children of those under privileged community schools.

English at Community schools

English is an international language and is regarded as an important factor to compete & succeed in the global job market. The students at community / public schools lack the proficiency in English which can be considered as a reason for their lack of future prospects. The teaching volunteers are responsible to teach students English at community & public schools and also the teachers to improve their English language proficiency. The Teaching English project allows children to practice their communicative English and develop proficiency in English through which they can access to other literature in the internet world.

Teaching English at a Buddhist Monastery

Teaching English at a Buddhist Monastery provides you an opportunity to have an experience of Buddhist way of life. You may learn the Buddhist lifestyle, culture, meditation, dharma and much more while teaching English to monks.

Yoga Teaching

The “Yoga teaching program” will enable the poor and marginalized people to utilize the benefits of Yoga and help overcome the physical and mental stress they often face .The yoga teaching volunteers will be working at a Buddhist Monastery or in a local community for this yoga teaching program.

Teaching arts and crafts

unlike other developed nations, the importance of arts and crafts is unobserved in the Nepalese community schools. The students and teachers are unaware that arts and crafts helps to develop creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving and imagination skills in the children.

Teaching the deaf

The physically challenged people are often neglected by their own family, society and the nation. The Nepalese Government’s effort to help the deaf community has not been successful. The government’s lack appropriate policy and also qualified personnel to teach the deaf. You may teach various skills to deaf children if you know some sign language. However, please note that Nepali sign language differs from western style sign language.

Teaching sports

Indoor & outdoor sports activities make positive impact on mental and physical growth of children. Volunteers & interns can organize various indoor and outdoor sports activities for the underprivileged community children and youth. This program is conducted in the community schools. This is a great opportunity for you to make new friends and teach something you know.

Cultural immersion and teaching

Cultural Immersion and Teaching project provides you an exposure towards Nepalese culture, life style and language. It gives you a glimpse of Orientalism. Nepal is a multicultural and multi ethnic country where you can experience hundreds of different cultures, languages and ethnicity. So while learning cultures through home stay, you will also be teaching in a nearby school.

Children are the future of nation. Our main aim is to protect the right of children, provide quality education, and increase access to basic health services. We have many projects under children’s Development Program like Working with street children, Childcare Orphanage, Early Childhood Education, and Children’s Club Facilitation.

Childcare Orphanage

VIN has designed “Childcare Volunteer Orphanage” program to protect the rights of orphan children for survival, education and livelihood. It is the duty of every sensible human being to provide love, support and care to these vulnerable children. So should you wish to work for these vulnerable orphan children, come & volunteer in Nepal.

Early Childhood Education

VIN runs over 40 Early Childhood Development Centers for Early childhood Education. The centers provide friendly learning environment to the children aged 3 to 5 years. The ECD Centers in the community are equipped with various child friendly resources, games. The volunteers & interns can participate to improve quality of child care & teaching in those centers.

Working For street children

The street children are living the most difficult life in the big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Despite the various efforts from the government, NGOs, INGOs there is not much improvement in the situation of these street children. We have included “Working with street children” under our Children Development Program to participate together and make a difference in their life.

Children’s club facilitation

VIN has established many Child clubs in rural community schools with a goal to make children aware of their rights & responsibilities on various community issues such as health & hygiene and basic infrastructure etc. The children get involved in various activities in the children’s club which helps to develop their creativity and innate skills.

The condition of women is pathetic in Nepalese society. Most rural Nepalese women do not have their own identity; they are generally known by their husband’s identity. These women are regarded as economically unproductive and don’t have any role in decision making. We have launched this program in order to make women equally competent & empowered as men and ensure their rights. Volunteers & interns under this project involve conducting various trainings, hands on activities, income generative skills, documentation etc.

Women trafficking prevention

It is estimated that each year more than 10,000 to 15,000 girls are sold to the Indian brothels to work forcefully as a sex workers. With emergence of new hub such as china, Hong Kong , golf countries the situation of illiterate woman has become more vulnerable. To prevent more women to be trafficked within the country or outside VIN has initiated “women trafficking prevention” program. The volunteers will conduct various education and awareness raising programs.

Income generation and marketing

There is a slightly higher population of women than of men in Nepal, though women have a very marginalized role in general. VIN has implemented “Income generation and marketing” program to make women economically capable and self-reliant. They are provided with various income generation trainings such as vegetable farming, livestock rearing, sewing and cutting & much more based on their need & interest etc. As a volunteer or intern in this program, you may share any income generating ideas.

Micro credit cooperative support

VIN’s Micro credit cooperative support is one of the successful project under Women Empowerment. VIN has established Jitpurphedi Agricultural Women’s Cooperative Jitpurphedi community. Over 500 women are directly benefiting from this service on saving and credit scheme. The women now do not have depend on their husband if they want to start small business. The volunteers & interns on this project will support women by teaching the women accounting & financial management skills.

Education Rights and Life skills

VIN has implemented “Education, Rights and Life skills” project with an aim to improve the education status of women and make them aware on various issues concerning women’s rights, education, literacy, life skills and financial well-being. If you are interested to educate Nepali women and be empowered, you may participate as a volunteer or intern.

VIN’s public health is one of the most popular program in our working communities. Our goal through public health program is to ensure the community people basic health & medical services; access to hygiene facilities and health, hygiene & sanitation awareness education. Thousands of community people benefit each year out of this program. We have many volunteer & internship projects launched under our public health program. Below are the project description of Public health program.

Health and medical care

Our health and medical care project aims to ensure the basic health & medical care services by the professional medical teams like doctors and nurses. We provide these services from our health posts, health centers & mobile health & medical clinics. Due to our awareness education & well equipped facilities, the number of beneficiaries increased. If you are a medical doctor, nurses or even medical students and willing to participate on medical elective project, this can be a best position for you to practice your theoretical knowledge into practical fields. So, apply now & volunteer with us today.

Health sanitation and hygiene education

The most marginalized communities in Nepal lack awareness on health, hygiene and sanitation. VIN’s health, sanitation and hygiene education project is implemented to make people aware on basic health sanitation and hygiene education. We provide oral hygiene, maternal care, child care, reproductive education and much more. So if you are a student or professional from public health background, this can be a great opportunity for you to get direct experience working with the most vulnerable people of rural communities.

Animal care

Being a social animal, it is a duty of every human being to provide love and care to the animals that are the victims of human brutality. VIN has implemented this program to protect animals and their rights. The volunteers & interns will work vet centers, vet doctors, animal care centers or even visit in the street and treat the sick or wounded animals.

Waste management

Nepal is a beautiful country and we hope to keep it clean and green forever. VIN’s waste management program focuses on the cleanliness and beauty of Nepal. At the moment, you may see people littering everywhere. The local and international volunteers are encouraged to come together to achieve the aim of a clean environment. You may get involved in hands on volunteering by collecting trash and also educating people on waste management system, teaching villagers, making composting and reuse / recycling of trash.

If we do not conserve our environment from today, it will be unfair for future generations. So on the part of sustainable development process, VIN has from the beginning launched environment & conservation program. Some of VIN’s environment & conservation projects are: agroforestry, agro farm, environment and water research, climate change.

Water research

Nepal is the second richest country in water resources in the world but the availability of water to the common people is not sufficient. VIN’s water research project was implemented in order to carry out extensive research related to various water related issues such as water conflict, availability of water, water pollution, micro-hydro power, water and agriculture, drinking water, purity of water etc. in various communities of Nepal.

Climate change research

The climate change has direct and indirect impact in the economy, environmental and social well-being of any nation. VIN’s climate change research program is designed to conduct researches on various climate change issues by qualified professionals, volunteers and interns with a goal to find out climate change adverse impact and possible ways to minimize the threats.

Environment Initiatives

VIN’s Environment Initiative project focuses to make people aware on various factors of environment degradation such as rapid population growth, urbanization, industrialization, exploitation of natural resources etc. The volunteers & interns will conduct environmental education classes in rural & urban areas. The project will help sustainable environment campaigns in Nepal.

Agro farm

More than 75% of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The farmers rely upon traditional farming technique for cultivation. VIN’s Agro farm projects aims to train the farmers with new farming techniques. And also preserving the ancestral farming technique and hence contribute to increase agricultural productivity. As a volunteer for agriculture farming project, you will be teaching farmers new ideas and also participating on hands on volunteering activities in the farm.

Agro forestry

The agro forestry ideas evolved from sustainable agriculture and forestry practices. Our landscape is very sloppy and we have small terraces in the hilly and mountain farming sites. Living in these regions is very difficult due to soil erosion, landslides, and floods. To assist these people, VIN created the agroforestry project where VIN staff, volunteers & interns are teaching farmers to plant big trees and also grow crops they need, like fruit & fodder trees. This way they can protect their earth and also make better income. We also partner with “kaule- Ev” to help the farmers with alternative method of farming. The Nepalese farmers depend on traditional subsistence farming which cannot fulfill the demands of living. VIN’s Agro forestry aims to address the problem of farmers who depend upon traditional agriculture farming to earn their living.

VIN’s youth empowerment program includes projects such as Youth club and life skills, English language and Career Development opportunities, vocational training and volunteering.

Youth club and life skills

Youth are the pillars of nation. The Nepalese youth are the victims of increasing unemployment in the country due to long political conflicts and unstable government. Over 4 million Nepali youth are out of the country, especially in gulf countries, in search of employment. VIN’s youth club and life skills project aims to develop creativity, leadership, team work, problem solving, critical thinking, and stress management, conflict resolution, planning and managing skills in the youths. If you have some skills and want to train 16 to 30 years old Nepal youth, you may take part of our Youth club and life skills volunteering or internship project.

English and career development

VIN’s English teaching and career development projects attempt to encourage youths to be confident and proactive in every situation of life. The youths are provided with various English language classes and career development trainings in order to compete in the job market. Should you have desire to share some job hunting & career development skills in your EFL classes, you are more than welcome to participate in our English and career development volunteering and internship projects.

Journalism includes projects such as Photo Journalism, Print Journalism, Documentary and Film making. As a journalist, you may write articles, news, take photos, create scripts and make documentary on our various community development projects. You may also intern and volunteer with our partners’ publications.

Photo journalism

The photo journalism project is designed for the professional and practitioner volunteer photographers who can capture the mesmerizing pictures of various activities in the communities where VIN works, the natural beauty of rural Nepal. The volunteers or interns get opportunity to enhance their professionalism with VIN because VIN runs hundreds of projects in many locations of Nepal. We may use those photos for website, promotion materials, exhibition etc. so your work gets social exposure.

Print Journalism

VIN’s Print Journalism enables the professional and practitioner journalists to address several political, socio-economic issues of Nepal. The volunteer / interns under the print journalism projects will work with daily, weekly, monthly magazines, newspaper, publication etc.

Documentary and film making

VIN provides great platform to those students who want to make short movies, documentary, promotional videos, and films based in or outside of VIN’s community area. Documentary and film making volunteer / interns will follow VIN staff and volunteers / interns in their daily community development schedule and shoot the videos. You will get a lot of exposure on our project sites.

VIN’s management and administration program includes projects like Fund raising and grant writing, volunteer coordination, Website and SEO Professional, Editor/writer, Human Resource Advisor, Marketing Advisor. If you are interested to volunteer or intern in management & administration projects, our management projects may be right for you.

Fund raising and grant writing

VIN is a non profit organization working for the empowerment of marginalized / disadvantaged communities of Nepal. We don’t receive any funds from national or international governments. We are solely funded by our volunteer & internship project fees. VIN’s Fund raising and grants writing project seeks experienced volunteers and interns who can use their writing skills to develop grant proposals to send to NGOs, INGOs or donor agencies. You may also help develop funding strategies so that our community initiatives are sustained in the long term.

Volunteer coordination

VIN’s Volunteer Coordinator project enables motivated volunteer to observe how VIN functions. The volunteer would get an opportunity to know about hundreds of different projects that VIN has run in the community site. As a coordinator you would be responsible to handle the overall system of the organization such as volunteer & staffs management, coordinating and follow up with international volunteers etc.

Website and SEO Professional

VIN’s website and SEO Professional project aims to seek IT experts who can use their expertise to help innovate and trouble-shoot VIN’s and partner organization websites. As a website and SEO professional volunteer, you will promote small organizations and maximize their presence in the internet world. You will also improve your website design skills and search engine optimization skills while working as a volunteer.

Editor /writer

VIN’s Editor/ writer project is designed for those volunteers or interns who prefer to work in the office rather than in a community site. You will be working alongside the staff and edit VIN’s documentation, write reports, web contents, and news. The volunteer will also visit in the working community and interview the participants to develop inspiring stories and articles.

Human Resources Advisor

The Human Resource Advisor volunteering or internship position is for the professional who can develop a long term Human Resource (HR) strategy for the organization, coach and train staff and manage the volunteers. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a social cause. VIN has dozens of development staff and needs continuous support. You as an international volunteer, can share your expertise to enhance their professional skills.

Marketing Advisor

Marketing plays a vital role to promote an organization. VIN’s Marketing Advisor Project aims to develop a marketing campaign through various promotional activities, social networking sites. If you have marketing skills or interested in marketing and promotion, you may volunteer with us and design various marketing tools. This is an challenging position which may prepare you for better careers as well.

We run diverse Public Interest Projects. Whether your talents are in manual labour, planning, motivating or research, you can help VIN to make significant changes in Nepal’s challenging public landscape. Help the Kathmandu Police manage chronic traffic congestion, work with local people to build vital village structures, such as schools and toilets, or pass on your skills and help develop a culture of caring for the elderly in Nepal or conduct various research projects on public issues.

Construction and manual work

The rural areas lack facilities such as toilets, schools, and libraries. The poor people cannot afford to construct these infrastructures for themselves. VIN’s construction and manual work project helps these marginalized communities increase their access to basic facilities like toilets, schools, health posts, play grounds, roads, and tunnels.

Traffic management

The narrow roads of Kathmandu are often plagued with unmanaged traffic jams. Despite regular monitoring and various efforts from traffic police, the problem has not improved. The drivers are not well trained, vehicles are poorly maintained and public vehicles are over loaded. Noise pollution is a serious problem, as most drivers use their car horns liberally. Our Traffic management project is to solve the various traffic weaknesses that afflict Kathmandu. No horn please!

Emergency risk and disaster management

Nepal is vulnerable to various natural calamities such as earth quakes, flood, landslides, soil erosion, fire, drought etc. The country lacks an appropriate strategy to protect from emergency risk and disaster. VIN’s Emergency Risk and Disaster Management project aims to make local communities aware and prepare them for disaster management.

Research Initiative

VIN has implemented more than hundreds of projects in order to achieve the goal of empowering the marginalized communities of Nepal. Volunteers and interns under this project would be responsible to conduct research activities to evaluate the effectiveness of VIN’s past and ongoing projects.

Civil society initiative

Political turmoil and instability can be considered a main reason for the economic and social stunting of the country. The effective civil society can play a major role to halt the ongoing political turmoil that afflicts the nation. Thus VIN implements a “Civil Society Initiative” to participate and make a difference. Through this project, we would like to train local political leaders and help them develop leadership skills. Without an empowered leader, there won’t be right vision for the country. With the great vision, the country never develops. So we prepare civil society to lead this country with appropriate trainings.

Hospitality Management

Nepal is a potential tourist destination that is blessed with scenic and natural beauty. Hospitality is thus an emerging industry at present. VIN’s Volunteering & Hospitality Management project seeks volunteers who want to gain experience in field of hospitality management.

Animal Care

Many volunteers comes every year for Animal care project where they help dogs and other animals, their fooding and care/ management.

The Adventure & Volunteer program include projects such as volunteering and Hospitality Management, Trekking and Volunteering, Volunteering and Travel tours.

Volunteering & Trekking

VIN’s Volunteering & Trekking project is designed for those volunteers who aspire to trek in Everest Base camp or Annapurna Base camp. The volunteers under this project will be fulfilling their desire to volunteer on teaching, child care, construction etc

Volunteering and travel tour

VIN’s volunteering and travel tour project is a perfect combination for those who have limited time of 3-4 weeks and wish to utilize this time by traveling and volunteering simultaneously. You would get an opportunity to enjoy activities such as jungle safari, short trek, sightseeing and volunteering on teaching, health care, child care, construction etc.

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