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Experience of local volunteer with VIN in community development

Published on: 09/10/2018

“Just in a matter of few days, I felt like I am a part of Volunteers Initiative Nepal and everyone here is so supportive, encouraging and I really felt welcomed. To be a part of this big family and the positive atmosphere made me really enjoy my volunteering time” said by Norbu Thsering Sherpa, local volunteer who has been volunteering with VIN since July 15 till now.

I was involved in two major projects of VIN, Reconstruction and Computer Teaching in Kavresthali and Jitpurphedi region. Coming from engineering background, I was looking for new experience and thought what better way than volunteering. Looking at the websites and the review, my gut feeling found VIN promising. And I was not wrong when I reflect now.

Firstly, I have worked with UK and Taiwan group in reconstruction. Then I assisted in Computer Skill training in Kalidevi Youth Club with an American volunteer. I was given opportunity to lead groups of diverse nationalities which has provided me the platform to enhance my knowledge of different people around the world. The international volunteers come here for purely altruistic motive and serving the most in need which has indeed made me rethink the whole purpose of living a meaningful life itself. To see with your own eyes that families just outskirts of the nation’s capital is still living in temporary shelters after more than three years of the earthquake was really sad. Almost every family I spoke with mentioned that only VIN came to help them with volunteers and financial assistance which made me revere this organization even more.

Many noteworthy experiences with all the people I got to meet and work together in such short time is definitely surprising. The best moments though was while teaching Computer Science with Chris Delaney. The two weeks working alongside him was good learning experience for me too and I also get chance to imbibe his expertise. In addition, the participants also gave positive feedback which was encouraging for us. The French engineers made a manual for earthquake resistant building with the knowledge they have. It gives example that each individual can help in nation building by the skills they possess and we should do our part with that skill. Working in construction has strengthen my belief in working together as a team for a common noble cause.


When I joined VIN, I was thinking I could contribute to the welfare of other in need. But on contrary, I feel I gained more than I could give in terms of knowledge, new friends and colleagues and valuable experiences; and that is what matters right! I am really grateful to be part of VIN. I would like to encourage other youths to be part of volunteering as every help counts and definitely choose VIN.

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