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International Long and Middle Term Voluntary Service (LMTV) has been rapidly developed in Asia with creating unique impact to improve the situations of the environment, culture, development and so on, to activate the local communities and to promote intercultural understanding and friendship naturally, widely and deeply among the volunteers (mostly youth) and local people. It is also distinguished as one of powerful tools to grow up “global human resources” expected in many of universities, companies and governments.

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CodeProject LocationProject CountryProject ThemeFeeDateVols
AVS15-BWCA-1 UjgramBangladeshDEVE, ENVI2002015/02/01 to 2016/01/315 int’ll and 3 local
AVS15-CYA-1 KampotCambodiaDEVE, EDUC4002015/02/01 to 2015/11/306 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-FSL-1KundapurIndiaENVI3172015/02/01 to 2015/04/302 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-RUCHI-1BoghdharIndiaEDUC3602015/05/01 to 2015/07/312 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-RUCHI-2BaddiIndiaENVI, EDUC3602015/02/01 to 2016/01/312 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-SMILE-1MadhyamgramIndiaENVI3562015/02/1 to 2015/04/306 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-IIWC-1MangkangIndonesiaENVI2542015/02/1 to 2015/07/312 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-NICE-1MashikoJapanENVI02015/02/01 to 2015/12/042 in’ll and 3 local
AVS15-NICE-2KurogiJapanENVI02015/05/01 to 2015/11/302 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-COM-1PayartaungMyanmarEDUC, DEVE2652015/02/01 to 2015/04/152 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-VIN-1JitpurphediNepalSOCI, EDUC3812015/02/01 to 2015/07/314 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-VIN-2JitpurphediNepalEDUC3812015/02/01 to 2016/01/314 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-VIN-3JitpurphediNepalDEVE, EDUC3812015/02/01 to 2016/01/314 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-VSA-1MuangThailandENVI2432014/04/01 to 2014/06/306 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-YSDA-1ManilaPhilippinesSOCI1122015/05/01 to 2015/07/304 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-DALAA-1Kok PayomThailandEDUC2472015/02/01 to 2016/01/314 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-DALAA-2Kuan Mai BongThailandENVI2472015/02/01 to 2016/01/316 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-DALAA-3Baan Kok RiangThailandENVI2472015/02/01 to 2016/01/316 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-VSA-1Yor IslandThailandCULT2472015/02/01 to 2015/04/156 in’ll and 2 local
AVS15-SJV-1Ha NoiVietnamENVI3532015/02/01 to 2016/01/312 in’ll and 1 local
AVS15-SJV-2Ha LongVietnamSOCI, EDUC3532015/02/01 to 2016/01/312 in’ll and 1 local

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Teacher Development project under Children’s Development Programme at VIN.

Teacher Development project under Children’s Development Programme was conducted at VIN on 19th Feb 2019 at its Office (Balaju)...

Published on: February 22, 2019

Women Empowerment: Account Class & Maths Lessons in Kavresthali

In Nepal, some Women have less basic education and less opportunity to empower social and economic environment...

Published on: February 1, 2019

VIN observes Earthquake Safety Day

ESD is organised on the same day as the 1934, 8.0 magnitude Bihar-Nepal earthquake. The day is used to re-affirm...

Published on: January 22, 2019
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