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Our mission is to empower the poor and marginalized communities and hence contribute for the development of Nepal.  VIN has been empowering people by implementing various projects that address the need of the community. Volunteer Overseas Program is designed for potential Nepalese youths who wish to volunteer in foreign countries.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  The country cannot provide employment opportunities to the growing population which lead to increase in immigration. It is estimated that 25 lakh (2.5) Nepalese youths are involved in foreign employment. We want to provide a better opportunity for Nepalese youths to volunteer abroad and get foreign work exposure. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that volunteering abroad is a totally a new concept in the context of Nepal.

VIN proudly opens a door for potential youths to participate as volunteer or as an intern in various volunteering project abroad. VIN humbly requests potential Nepalese youths to apply for volunteering abroad.

We are one and only organization who provides an opportunity for Nepalese youths to volunteer in a foreign country.  After nearly a decade of work experience in the volunteering field, we are now capable to send Nepalese citizens to volunteer abroad for free. We have various partner organizations in Asia, Europe and America. Some of the countries we can send Nepali young volunteers are the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, South Korea, Japan, Thialand, Vietman, India, Hongkong, Tiwan, Italy, Germany, Costarika, Mexico. We have already worked with over 1000 overseas volunteers around the globe. Volunteer Overseas however is a new concept at VIN and we have started from 2013. So apply to day to join VIN volunteer abroad project from 2 weeks to 1 year in home or abroad!


Through this projects, we expect Nepalese youth volunteers to learn foreign culture, language and get work exposure from another nation.  We want our youths to implement their experience for the overall development of the country. Their knowledge and experience can be well utilized for the advancement of backward communities. We want Nepalese youths to represent our nation, people and culture and set better identity in international arena.


They can participate in various work camps, Long Midterm volunteering projects under the supervision of our partner organizations. Usually our partner provide free volunteer opportunities. This means volunteers do not have to pay for food and accommodation but the volunteers are required to pay flight, insurance and VISA cost. They are also required to pay small admin fee for VIN to process the application.


  • Cultural immersion
  • Sharing of knowledge and technical experience
  •  Cordial relationship with foreign people
  • Opportunity to represent Nepal in international arena.
  • Learn new skills and bring back to the country and start entrepreneurship
  • Promote Nepali language and culture in abroad



Toni Brooks smiling

Toni Brooks

The best part of my VIN experience was my host family. Be prepared for things to be unusual, and not necessarily as you thought – but if you keep an open mind you will have...

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women empowerment

A Woman of Hope

VIN’s Women’s Empowerment Program is wrapping up a two month long project focusing on social development within the villages of JitpurPhedi, VDC. The project itself focused on issues relating to mental health...

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VIN Ambassdor

Kirsty Cassie

I was an intern with VIN for 10 weeks from October to December 2015, working in the Environment and Conservation Program, with regards to Climate Change and sustainable agriculture. I graduated from the University of...

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News Update

Three hundred women from Okhaldhunga are oriented about reproductive health care

Reproductive health care training by VIN volunteer

An awareness campaigns on reproductive health care are conducted with about 300 local women from ward 1 and 2 of Siddhicharan municipality, Okhaldhunga.  Altogether 18 campaigns are organized, one campaign...

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