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Women’s Empowerment Programme – The Power of Education

Women’s Empowerment Programme

The Power of Education

Brooke Lewis

This week we have made great progress across different groups within VIN’s Women’s Empowerment Programme. In the Kavresthali area there are 37 groups of women who are involved in this programme. They each have different needs and it is the aim of VIN to provide women with the support they need to feel and develop a sense of empowerment.

In Karkithok, 5 women experienced success with a great sense of pride in their Maths lessons. They have been working diligently at addition and subtraction strategies and the effort they have made this week has paid off. Each member of the group developed their Maths knowledge significantly and with this comes a sense of empowerment. The ownership they take for their learning shows through their dedication in attending lessons daily and completing homework consistently.

With such a large number of women’s groups it is important to have regular meetings to organise important matters such as lesson schedules and investment opportunities. One such group consisting of 14 members gathered at the end of a busy week. With full schedules it is difficult for all women to find the time, however everyone made an effort and it was a positive meeting. Plans for future English and Maths lessons were confirmed with interest and excitement. Money was collected for future business and income generation endeavours. Next week the women are looking forward to starting their new English and Maths lessons.

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