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Hosting NGO

YSDA ( Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly)


Contact person

Rior N. Santos, Executive Director


Project Place

Manila, Philippines


Remark for Period

Open to 1-2 months participation if the places are not full at 2 months before the starting date.



Local/ social situation/ needs for the project

Certain social and economic factors sometimes drive parents to leave their children behind, or expose them to danger. Two local foundations has committed to take care of these children, and the workcamp is organized to assist them in their advocacy.


Name and description of the local host

  • Concordia Children’s Services: Concordia Children’s Services, Inc. was founded in 1983. In 1989 Concordia expanded to serve the street and urban poor children in Pasig City. By 1996, they expanded again to serve the needs of street and urban poor children in the Santa Mesa area.
  • Hospicio de San Jose: For 200 years, this charitable institution has accepted the poorest of the poor, and families in crisis, and has sheltered them, fed them, clothed them, educated them, cared for them when they were sick or wounded, and helped them go on in this world.


Aims and expected impact of the project

  • Assist child agencies in daily operations
  • Assist child agencies & appreciation of vols. On child development issues, sustainable development and cultural diversity
  • Increase technical (social work) and English language proficiency


Main voluntary work

Volunteer activities follow a rotation scheme. The four volunteers are divided into two pairs. Each pair is assigned first to one of the partner orphanages for six weeks, and then change assignments with the other pair and be assigned in the other orphanage. The tentative work schedule is detailed below:

Hospicio de San JoseConcordia Children’s Services
1st WeekOn-arrival Training
2nd – 3rd WeekCaring of Infants and ToddlersCaring of Infants and Toddlers
4th – 5th WeekCaring of Slum ChildrenCaring of Children with Special Needs
6th WeekMidterm Evaluation Exchange of Work Areas
7th WeekRelaxation and Recreation
8th – 9th WeekCaring of Infants and ToddlersCaring of Infants and Toddlers
10th – 11th WeekCaring of Slum ChildrenCaring of Children with Special Needs
12th WeekFinal Evaluation


Approximate working hours: 6 hours x 5 days (weekdays) in a week. There is a short meeting every Friday to do reporting and raise concerns regarding volunteer experience.



Type of building: ?

  • Sleeping: Sharing with other vols.
  • Meals: Cooked by vols.
  • How and how long to go to work: By public transportation (1 train ride, then 1 jeepney ride)
  • Smoking: Only outside building
  • Internet access: Yes but might be slow or unavailable when too many people are using it.
  • Any other points: Abide in the house rules which will be discussed upon on-arrival training.



Manila is the capital and second largest city of the Philippines. It is one of the sixteen cities which, along with the municipality of Pateros, make up Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, whose overall population is around 12 million.

The city of Manila is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay It has a total population of 1,652,171 according to the 2010 census and is the second most populous city in the Philippines, behindQuezon City. The populace inhabit an area of only 2,498 hectares (6,172.69 acres), making Manila arguably the most densely populated city in the world.



Nearest international airport: Ninoy Aquino International Airport


Other activities

  • Outdoors Excursion (volunteers may plan for various activities like trekking, beach outing, city tour, etc. on free days and at volunteers’ personal expense)
  • Children themed short-term workcamps co-leadership (if there are any)


Qualification for volunteers

  • Required: Passion for children and orphanage work
  • Preferable: Basic English speaking skills


Attraction for volunteers

They are likely to improve the following skills: English communication skills/ Technical skills on orphanage work such as feeding infants and toddlers, slum children monitoring, etc.)/ Philippines is also blessed with wonderful natural attractions where volunteers can visit during free days and during the 7th week dedicated for relaxation and recreation


Financial condition

Participation fee to the host NGO: 45,000 PHP for 3 months (15,000 PHP per month).



  • On arrival training: For 1 week including culture orientation, orphanages visit and orientation, work area familiarization and public transportation dry run
  • Special care during Project: Volunteer will work in diad. In cases that the 4 slots will not be filled-up, they’ll still be accommodated but might work alone with local staff of the orphanage.
  • Evaluation meeting: Midterm & Final evaluation in YSDA Conference Area or another venue


Other remarks

  • Open to Non-Asian if the places are not full at 2 months before the starting date.
  • Volunteers are required to send medical certification and chest x-ray clearing the volunteer from any respiratory illness to ensure safety of kids that they will be taking care of


News Update

Gender based domestic violence class in Kavresthali community

In Nepal, most of the women are illiterate and have less opportunity to empower their social and economic skills. In fact, men occupy most of the opportunities of employment, responsibilities and resources.

Published on: April 18, 2019

Video making crew in Nepal

Martin and Kelly from Estonia has been filming to EU Aid Volunteer (EUAV), Pawel Bryk as the main character for a week who is working with Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)...

Published on: April 8, 2019

Campaign to prevent Cardio vascular disease, an emerging cause of death among Nepalese people

VIN organized a cardiovascular disease prevention campaign in Kavresthali. The campaign was done throughout March and will be continued on the first week of April.

Published on: April 5, 2019
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