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Creative Expression: Arts and Crafts

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Feeling Creative? Love Children and youth? Want to help make the world a better place?

Welcome to Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)! Here at VIN we welcome you, your passion, your time and your talents. We too want to improve the quality of creative education for children in Nepal. If you have the desire to do volunteer teaching in Nepal, love the idea of a challenge, are super creative yourself and love children – then you’ve come to the right place! Come and volunteer in arts and craftin Nepal! We’d love to have you here working with us.

At VIN we are passionate about the rights and education for children and youth. Young people in Nepal, especially in rural areas are incredibly disadvantaged. One of the greatest concerns by the UN in regards to developing countries such as Nepal is the “quality of education, its relevance to employment and its usefulness in assisting young people in the transition to full adulthood, active citizenship and productive and gainful employment” (from The United Nations on resources for Speakers on Global Issues). Although this is a global issue it is especially prevalent in Nepal, which is sadly still one of the least developed countries in our beautiful world.

What can I do?

You can come to Nepal! You can join the classrooms and teach the children and the young teenagers! Teach them something cool, something fun, and something creative. Teach them whatever it is that you know and you do best! Photography, writing, drawing, theater, poetry, dance, arts and craft, and music: any subject that you chose to teach is yours to share with these beautiful children. Most importantly, having fun, being encouraging, and telling each and every child the reason that they are magnificent and worthwhile is something you can do on a daily basis. It is so special and you will never regret your decision to come here.

You can also enjoy yourself while in Nepal: you can experience Nepal, our beautiful country, and you can travel while you’re here. You might like to visit Chitwan National Park and visit the elephant sanctuary. Maybe one weekend you can travel to Nagarkot to see the sun setting over mountains and sleep in a hostel above the clouds. You could go to Pokhara and travel in a boat across the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and view the Himalayas. Your time here in Nepal is yours. You might prefer to come and volunteer for a month and then spend some time afterwards travelling. Or you might like to just come here to volunteer work and visit the beautiful local places in or around Kathmandu during your weekends off. Volunteering is one of the most amazing things you can do; sharing your skills, your passions and your crafts will fill you with satisfaction and bring you peace. Also the children are gorgeous! You will love them.

Coming to volunteer in arts and crafts and working with the young disadvantaged children of Nepal is something special – for you and also for them. Please know that you can make a difference! There is nothing to lose.

Why teach creative expression?

The schooling and education system in Nepal is currently based on rote learning: this means that children and students are taught to memorize what they learn by repetition, not through understanding and comprehension. Methods usually involve just copying and parroting the teacher or copying information from the whiteboard. So this means that unfortunately young people in schools do not get taught how to apply skills to situations, how to problem solve, how to identify opinions or how to openly discuss topics. This military environment in schools is not conducive to creating individualism or pride in one’s own talents. Many children get bored and drop out of school, because they would rather work at home.

Meaningful learning, active learning, self-learning and self-expression are vital for children and youth to be able to realize their own potential, it can help them to form meaningful and real relationships with peers, learn cooperation, value other people’s differences and learn by themselves how to grow and develop into confident and individual adults. Education can assist young people in learning about their rights and learning how to say no and to express themselves clearly and confidently.

Research and theoretical approaches to development (by Jean Piaget) have identified that between the ages of 7 to 11 children become more aware of logic and begin to be able to think logically. They begin to learn about conversations. It’s an important developmental stage in regards to learning about yourself and the people around you. The next stage of development is up to the age of 16 years old and this is when children develop abstract thought, learn empathy and have the ability to learn problem-solving skills. This time of learning is so incredibly important for young people and through creative expression they can learn these skills and become confident in their self-identification.

The expressive arts provide an important venue for teens and children to express who they truly are, to work through feelings, vent emotions, learn to think independently and become self-aware. They can have fun while they learn this through simple activities such taking on characters in plays through acting classes, drawing, painting, sculpting with items from nature, performing and learning dance and allowing their feelings to flow through their bodies. Volunteering to teach creative expression and arts and crafts will be fun, for both you and the children. This seemingly simple activity will have more of an impact than you will know. You can be part of the bigger picture. You can enjoy yourself. The children will laugh and spread their laughter to you.

What is the impact of creative expression for young people?

  • Positive emotional response to learning
  • Engagement in different learning styles and methods
  • Learning to think for themselves and not just repeat what the teacher says Encourages individualism
  • Encourages children to learn about themselves, to understand their own interests
  • Encourages confidence in their ability at expressing themselves
  • Uses imagination and drives children to create their own fun
  • Encourages youth to create something and can give them the confidence in their own abilities
  • This can lead to children having confidence to contribute and to continue to learn
  • Can assist in forming bonds with classmates and peers
  • Helps children learn to use critical thinking, develop cognition, and draw self-conclusions
  • To show children how to experience learning that doesn’t come from a book
  • To role model positive encouragement to peers and others

So you can see here, that something as innocuous as drawing or arts and crafts or dancing or acting or theatre can lead to many wonderful life long individual achievements for people. This is the effect that you can have on someone. Share you skills and you won’t regret it.

I don’t have teaching qualifications?

That’s okay! Here at VIN we need people with passion, with love, people who ooze creativity and love sharing their skills and fun ideas. We need people who are filled to the brim with patience, confidence and tolerance, and who are open to new adventures. People like you, who want to make the world a better place. Not all countries are equal in their education; Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. And bit by bit we are making it a better place. You can read about our achievements to date on this website. We cannot do this alone however, we need to bring in volunteers from around the world to share what they have learnt in their home countries and to then share it with us. One step at a time we will reach our goals.


It would be a benefit if you have skills or qualifications in teaching children, in dance or whatever your craft may be. But truthfully – experience and confidence can get you a long way. Especially with children that have not been given an opportunity to express themselves before!

Can you dance? Act? Sing? Create? Draw? Laugh and clap and tell children that they’re amazing? If you can, then you’re right for this job! So come and volunteer in handicrafts in Nepal.

What will I do when I come to Nepal?

You will encourage children to think for themselves. You will be given a class in one of the schools in our rural districts. You will be able to take the lead. There are not always a lot of resources here in Nepal so you will be challenged in this regard, but use your creativity and your options are limitless! Bring that lovely mind of yours and go from there. You may teach dance, handshapes, or other forms of craft and self expression. Perhaps creative writing, singing, making designs with paper, drawing, acting . . . There are many areas in volunteering in arts and crafts and whatever skills you can bring – we can use and the children will cherish. Patience is also very important; you will be working with children and youth that may not have completed these activities before. Repetition over a long period of time is necessary to create change and also new thoughts and perspectives in people’s minds. You will be playing a small part of a bigger picture. You are important and so are they. Having the time to get to know the children is a benefit: developing rapport and learning how to trust each other, to be comfortable with each other and to have fun together. The more fun you are – the more fun they will have!

Where will I live?

With a Nepali Host Family! You will get to live in Nepal, with a family in the village. You will eat with them and live in their home. This experience is something that no other tourist or traveler will get to experience. You will live in the village near the school and experience a true Nepali lifestyle. Remember that Nepal is a developing country and life may be different to what you are used to. In Nepal the electricity is shared on a rolling grid and so for many hours each day there won’t be power, there may only be cold water and sometimes it will be hard to communicate with people that don’t speak English. But, it is all part of the journey and you will be living the Nepali way and that is truly priceless. Also, you will be given delicious hot meals every day of rice, lentils and curry. Your experience will be something that you won’t forget and that you will be able to tell people about for years to come.

During the induction period we will organise for you to stay at a hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu. On weekends you may choose to go back to Thamel for shopping, restaurants (maybe you will miss eating hamburgers during the week), to meet up with other volunteers for a meal or to simply relax. Many of the volunteers will go into Thamel on weekends to socialize and to debrief with each other. Nepal also offers a delicious range of beers. It’s a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and to also to enjoy yourself.

What will VIN give me?

We will give you support and encouragement. We have staff whom are available for you. We will pick you up from the airport, and then we will give you three days worth of induction including health tips, some basic Nepali language classes and we will also take you on a sightseeing tour as part of your induction. We’ll show you some of the temples and some of the beautiful places in Kathmandu. We will take you to the village and introduce you to your host family. After that you can contact us any time, 24 hours a day. We will check in on you and if you need tips in the classroom we can help with that too. You can come into our office and discuss lesson plans and teaching tips! Your comfort is our priority. You will be able to see first hand the work that we do, we are proud of the changes we have made to equality in Nepal. We are proud of our volunteers. Come and be part of this, use your creativity for good, volunteer your creativity to make positive changes in the world and teach creative expression, arts and crafts, dance, acting or anything creative to the wonderful children here. Your journey to Nepal is waiting for you, and we look forward to meeting you. Namaste.

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