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Work Camp 2015

This is the list of work camp conducted in 2015.

CodeName of ProjectLocationDateTypeVols NoAge
VINWC15-01Children’s Winter CampJitpur community5 Jan-17 Jan 2015EDU, SPOR & CULT1218+
VINWC15-02VINWC15-02Jitpur community19 Jan-30 Jan 2015EDU, SPOR & CULT1218+
VINWC15-03Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community5 Feb-17 Feb 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-04Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community19 Feb -3 March 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-05Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community6 March- 18 March 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-06Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community19 March-31 March 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-07Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community5 April -17 April 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-08Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectOkharpawa19 April -30 April 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-09Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community5 May -18 May 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-10Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community19 May -31 May 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-11Health,Hygine and Sanitation EducationOkharpawa5 June -17 June 2015ENVI, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-12Total Sanitation ProjectOkharpawa18 June -29 June 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-13Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community11 June-23 June 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-14Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community24 June-5 July 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-15Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community6 July -18 July 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-16Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community9 July -20 July 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-17School Development & Education Project Taluwa, Okhaldhunga24 July-9 August 2015ENVI, KIDS, EDU1818+
VINWC15-18School Development & Education Project Taluwa, Okhaldhunga5 August-21 August 2015ENVI, KIDS, EDU, MANU1818+
VINWC15-19Total Sanitation ProjectOkharpawa11 August-23 August 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-20Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community19 August-31 August 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-21Health,Hygine and Sanitation EducationJitpur community25 August-5 Sep 2015ENVI, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-22Children’s Development ProjectOkharpawa7 Sep-18 Sep 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-23Total Sanitation projectJitpur community19 Sep -30 Sep 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-24Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community13 Sep-24 Sep 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-25Children’s Development ProjectOkharpawa27 Sep -9 Oct 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-26Renovation, Painting and Cleaning in Cultural HeritageKathmandu30 Oct-9 Nov 2015HERI, MANU1618+
VINWC15-27Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community19 Nov-30 Nov 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-28Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community5 Dec-18 Dec 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-29Renovation, Painting and Cleaning in Cultural HeritageKathmandu19 Dec-31 Dec 2015HERI, MANU1618+


Pokhara: Pokhara is a beautiful city to visit, much more quiet than Kathmandu. We were going up to Sarankot with the taxi at 5 o’clock am to see the magnificent sunrise at the Annapurna mountains and afterwards we hike from...

Success Stories

A leader and a voice for many women Tarkeshwor Municipality-3 Jitpurphedi Dandagaun Sharmila Adhikari, a mother of two children, and a busy housewife, embodies a perfect example of perseverance and grit of a human being....

Vin Ambassador

I was an intern with VIN for 10 weeks from October to December 2015, working in the Environment and Conservation Program, with regards to Climate Change and sustainable agriculture. I graduated from the University of...

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Geriatric health care camp organized at Kavresthali

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