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Work Camp 2015

This is the list of work camp conducted in 2015.

CodeName of ProjectLocationDateTypeVols NoAge
VINWC15-01Children’s Winter CampJitpur community5 Jan-17 Jan 2015EDU, SPOR & CULT1218+
VINWC15-02VINWC15-02Jitpur community19 Jan-30 Jan 2015EDU, SPOR & CULT1218+
VINWC15-03Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community5 Feb-17 Feb 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-04Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community19 Feb -3 March 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-05Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community6 March- 18 March 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-06Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community19 March-31 March 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-07Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community5 April -17 April 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-08Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectOkharpawa19 April -30 April 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-09Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community5 May -18 May 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-10Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community19 May -31 May 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-11Health,Hygine and Sanitation EducationOkharpawa5 June -17 June 2015ENVI, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-12Total Sanitation ProjectOkharpawa18 June -29 June 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-13Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community11 June-23 June 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-14Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community24 June-5 July 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-15Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community6 July -18 July 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-16Painting, Decoration and Gardening ProjectJitpur community9 July -20 July 2015MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-17School Development & Education Project Taluwa, Okhaldhunga24 July-9 August 2015ENVI, KIDS, EDU1818+
VINWC15-18School Development & Education Project Taluwa, Okhaldhunga5 August-21 August 2015ENVI, KIDS, EDU, MANU1818+
VINWC15-19Total Sanitation ProjectOkharpawa11 August-23 August 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-20Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community19 August-31 August 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-21Health,Hygine and Sanitation EducationJitpur community25 August-5 Sep 2015ENVI, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-22Children’s Development ProjectOkharpawa7 Sep-18 Sep 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-23Total Sanitation projectJitpur community19 Sep -30 Sep 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-24Garbage Management Campaign in the CommunityJitpur community13 Sep-24 Sep 2015EDU, MANU, ENVI1618+
VINWC15-25Children’s Development ProjectOkharpawa27 Sep -9 Oct 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-26Renovation, Painting and Cleaning in Cultural HeritageKathmandu30 Oct-9 Nov 2015HERI, MANU1618+
VINWC15-27Total Sanitation ProjectJitpur community19 Nov-30 Nov 2015CONS, EDU, HEALTH1618+
VINWC15-28Children’s Development ProjectJitpur community5 Dec-18 Dec 2015KIDS/EDU & MANU1618+
VINWC15-29Renovation, Painting and Cleaning in Cultural HeritageKathmandu19 Dec-31 Dec 2015HERI, MANU1618+


Actually, this is my second time to come to Nepal and work with VIN. Last time I came here, I felt I would love to come back. And now, I feel the same as last year. So I would love to come back to Nepal and work with VIN in near future... again!!

Success Stories

A leader and a voice for many women Tarkeshwor Municipality-3 Jitpurphedi Dandagaun Sharmila Adhikari, a mother of two children, and a busy housewife, embodies a perfect example of perseverance and grit of a human being....

Vin Ambassador

I was an intern with VIN for 10 weeks from October to December 2015, working in the Environment and Conservation Program, with regards to Climate Change and sustainable agriculture. I graduated from the University of...

News Update

Gender based domestic violence class in Kavresthali community

In Nepal, most of the women are illiterate and have less opportunity to empower their social and economic skills. In fact, men occupy most of the opportunities of employment, responsibilities and resources.

Published on: April 18, 2019

Video making crew in Nepal

Martin and Kelly from Estonia has been filming to EU Aid Volunteer (EUAV), Pawel Bryk as the main character for a week who is working with Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)...

Published on: April 8, 2019

Campaign to prevent Cardio vascular disease, an emerging cause of death among Nepalese people

VIN organized a cardiovascular disease prevention campaign in Kavresthali. The campaign was done throughout March and will be continued on the first week of April.

Published on: April 5, 2019
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