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Case Study

Initiating the First Step Invites Everything

-By Jonas

Jitpurphedi is a VDC in Tarkeshor Municipality that lies in Kathmandu district. It’s a beautiful community from where VIN officially started.  VIN has been helping the people of Jitpurphedi by running different infrastructural and other developmental projects by the help of national and international volunteers.  Under children development program VIN recently conducted infrastructure construction at Kalika Sharan Vidhyalaya.
Kalika Sharan Vidyalaya is run by the government of Nepal in Jitpurphedi. Like other Nepali villages, quality education here is a struggle for people since even their daily life does not meet the quality of life. Lack of proper school infrastructure both teacher and students have a difficult time in learning. Most of the students there attend schools in their late childhood. Even in schools, with the lack of wired/blocked compound area, classes were disturbed by cattle viz. goats. There was a lack of teachers in the school and the school management was having hard time maintaining the schedule and the classes. But with VIN working together with the school management it’s all a different story now. Sponsorship, donations, infrastructural developments have greatly shaped the way Education is perceived in the community. People are now willing to send their children to schools and the children too are willing.
VIN coordinated with the school management of Kalika Sharan Vidyalaya to improve the Education system in the school. Providing furniture, constructing a wired compound around the school were some of the programs VIN conducted with the coordination of the school management. One of the most important programs VIN did was it provided teacher placement to the school. Teacher placements started with VIN sending one of its own staffs, Sarita Aryal as a teacher in the school. Now, international volunteers are seen in the schools in the vacant teacher placements.
VIN has been running ECD (Early childhood development) classes in Kalika Sharan Vidyalaya which has greatly improved the number of children coming to the school. Education has been flourishing greatly with VIN’s coordination with the school. Gopal Prasad Gajurel, the head teacher at Kalika Sharan Vidyalaya told that it has been an efficient way that the school is running with VIN’s help and coordination with the school management. He further stated that there have been many helping hands coming to the school like the District office and the VDC since VIN started its coordination with the school. Asked if the school would be as good if it were to work alone, Mr. Gajurel was quite straightforward. Without VIN’s coordination, the school, Kalika Sharan Vidyalaya would have, by no means become as good as it is today. Hari Prasad Aryal, the children club coordinator further stated that the school expected more help from VIN. He further stated that for the future, the school management wants VIN to regulate and continue it further with more vigor and energy. The story does not stop here. The children from poor family cannot afford to attend school and VIN helps to pay those student’s tuition fees. With VIN’s help, the teaching learning process in the school has become easy and efficient. Mrs. Apsara Phuyal, a teacher at the school said that the children were very happy with the way they receive their education. A lot has changed with VIN’s help and coordination.
childre's classroom


Community Development Program

Women Empowerment

women-empowerment by VIN
Over the past four weeks local and international volunteers interacted with women in the Jitpurphedi community to research on the problem that women are facing in agriculture.The interaction disclosed the fact that women are actually having problem of transporting the agricultural products up to the market. It was found that women are using around ¼ of their income on travel costs. As a solution to their problem, volunteers talked to the agriculture cooperative and made an arrangement of a vehicle for transporting the vegetables.
VIN also conducted three months long sewing/cutting training in Gairigaun for 8 women to train them on sewing and cutting skills, to support women to start their own small businesses.

Children Development

Child Development program
This month VIN conducted different programs for children development. VIN conducted communication of the children with their sponsors as VIN conducts this three times in a year. It was conducted to help children communicate closely with their sponsors. Further VIN also provided basic ECD (Early Childhood Development) Teacher Training at Okharpauwa and distributed ECD materials in ECD centers in Okharpauwa school. Besides VIN also painted classrooms of schools of Jitpur and Okharpauwa to decorate the classrooms and create suitable environment for learning.

Public Health

public health program
VIN is conducting WASH project for the locals of Jitpurphedi and Okhaldhunga.Under this project, VIN was into toilet construction for them. VIN supported the toilet construction by providing non-local materials and volunteers for each family who did not have toilet.
VIN also provided First Aid Training to 19 local female health volunteer of Tarkeshwor municipality ward 4, 5 and 6 (Kavresthali). At Kavresthali community VIN conducted two days health checkup facility to improve the quality of health services that is provided from existing health post.

Youth Empowerment

youth empowerment training
VIN conducted a training for the local youths from Kavresthali. The training was organized to train youth for baseline survey. They were trained on participatory learning action and tools. There were 12 participants in the training. Executive Derector, Mr. Bhupendra Ghimire, Volunteers Manager – Dinesh Khatiwada and Program Manager- Dr. Laxmi Prasad Ghimire facilitated the training.

Environment Conservation

Jitpurphedi community has the irrigation problem and to help the local solve this problem, VIN constructed plastic ponds for the locals that would help them to irrigate even in the dry season sufficiently. It also help to improve the hygiene of household environment. VIN supported three project on mini plastic pond for women farmer in Tarkeshwor municipality -8, Aathmail.

Volunteer Program

VIN Receives International Volunteer

VIN's International Volunteer
VIN has successfully welcomed thirty international volunteers on the month of May, 2016.The volunteers are allocated for the three different programs. As usual VIN received two intakes of the Long-Midterm volunteers for different projects. Similarly, two work camp were conducted by the VIN. And it received one group volunteers of VFP from USA. VIN has mobilised volunteers on Women Empowerment, Buddhist Monastery, Orphanage Home, Construction and manual work, water research, Public Health and medical Care, Women Trafficking Prevention, Cultural Immersion and Teaching, Yoga Teaching in Monastery, Risk and Emergency Management, Post Disaster Relief, Painting, decoration  program and Children Development. The volunteers are from United Kingdom, France, Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, China, and Hong Kong. VIN also received good numbers of local volunteers.

Long-Mid Term Program

VIN has received fifteen volunteers on Long-Mid Term Program. It received one volunteer for water research, three volunteers for public health and medical care, three volunteers for construction and manual work, one for women trafficking prevention, two volunteers for orphanage home and cultural immersion and teaching, two volunteers for orphanage home, one for teaching in Buddhist monastery program, one for yoga teaching, one for women empowerment and one for Risk and Emergency management.
This month, VIN received two work camp volunteers for Post Disaster Relief and Children Development Project. Two volunteers from Hong Kong and USA participated on the Post Disaster Relief Project and only one volunteer on Children Development Program. The volunteers of Post Disaster Relief constructed the toilets for the community. And the Children Development volunteers are constructing toilets and working in the school for Painting, decorating and Library management with the VFP group.

Group Volunteers Program

On this month, it received VFP group from Champlain College for the group volunteering project. They are twelve volunteers in the group who are from USA. The group volunteers constructed the toilets and plastic pounds for the community, Conducted Painting, Decorating, and coloring in the school and classes wall. They have been conducting different activities to the children. Additionally, it helped the school and teachers on library management.

Volunteer Initiative Nepal has received the seven local volunteers on this month. VIN mobilized the local volunteers for supporting the international volunteers on their project. They helped in the translation, presentation, data collection, filing and documentation to the international volunteers and VIN family.

Volunteering Activities

  • Conducted English and Yoga classes in the Buddhist Monastery.
  • Women Trafficking awareness and prevention classes was conducted in the community.
  • Toilet construction was done in the two different communities.
  • Painting, decoration and gardening activities were conducted in the community school.
  • Group volunteers of US support the school teachers on library management.
  • Research and data collection was done by the volunteers.
  • The Danish volunteers conducted Risk and Emergency management classes for the different school.
  • Five volunteers were mobilized for the Orphans for their physical, mental, social development.
  • Three volunteers conducted research and survey in the new site Kavresthali.
  • One new volunteer supported the existing volunteer on researching water samples.
  • Almost ten local volunteers were mobilized for the support of the international volunteers according to the need of the project. Like translation, guidance, mobilization, data collection etc.

Staff Platform
My Takeaways from Latvia
Sushma Tamang
Despite of having come from academic background, the realm of idea, my interest to work in social organization to contribute my service for the welfare of society brought me to VIN. Working as a volunteer coordinator for a year has provided me lots of opportunity to attend for staff development trainings and workshops on project management and facilitating capacity build up training. VIN takes staffs as its valuable assets who have made it possible to implement its projects successfully in the communities. Apart from providing inspiring the staffs and conducting useful training and programs, it also provides opportunity to the staffs for abroad training time to time.sushma at Latvia
In the same context I too have been lucky to receive different trainings conducted by VIN for project management. The knowledge VIN has imported upon me would be of great help and support throughout my career. Recently on 4th June 2016, VIN provided me an opportunity to attend the training “Journeys of Sustainability Project” organised by the Erasmus in Latvia. I appreciate VIN for providing me with the opportunity to be a part the training. I’ve been very interested of sustainable development programs however the meaning of sustainability was different for me. This experience allowed me to understand the whole new scope of sustainability and how we can sustain the development sectors through economy, environment and society and create lessons for the future generations. The training (4th June-11th June) was exciting and interesting to learn about sustainable development and tourism sector. I am absolutely thrilled to have this valuable opportunity. They conducted the training starting with the introduction seminar of Project along with excursion of the cities that are effectively working on the base of sustainable development plans with their practices and stories of Entrepreneurs with their business, cultural programs, how Latvians are preserving it and sustaining and workshops trainings. They had a unique brainstorming session conducted after the visits of those cities of the Latvia, so that every participants could generate the ideas according to their perception. I think this is the perfect way to discover and develop the ideas. To sum up, the training was meaningful, valuable, and appreciated and can’t stop saying my heart has been attached to the beauty, kindness, humorous of the Latvian people.
I received much more knowledge about sustainability on tourism sector and myself than expected. I met a lot of wonderful people from Ireland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, France, Australia, Estonia, Lithonia, Latvia and Italy. This has been my best and amazing experience of life so far. I really created a strong friendship with the other participants. I also want to thank to the host organization for this experience. Thank you so much Journeys of sustainability team and my organization Volunteers Initiative Nepal for giving me an opportunity to be part of the beautiful project and to represent my organization in the Latvia. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from this training. And I am sure, together we will continue to make a difference in the community and for the future generations.

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