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Post Disaster Relief: Reconstruction & Sustainability


VIN initiated its disaster relief project to help the victim right after the massive earthquake on 25th Aprll, 2015. We have completed two phases of disaster relief project

  1. Rapid response phase
  2. Rehabilitation Phase.

Now VIN’s future goal is “Reconstruction and Sustainability”

This is our long term phase. We will be working until the reconstruction completes in our earthquake affected communities. Our projects include

  • WASH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene),
  • Rebuilding Earthquake Resistant Infrastructure (RERI),
  • Earthquake Resistant Home Construction Education (REECH), and
  • Entrepreneurship Building.

We will be working under different phases simultaneously.

Note: The volunteers will be involved in the projects that VIN implements in the working sites like Okhaldhunga, Nuwakot and Kathmandu. Volunteers with special skills to suit the professional skills are encouraged to apply. 

The mentioned projects will run simultaneously. The volunteer will have to switch to another project under Post Disaster Relief project if a project is unavailable to work in.

Toilet-Constyuction-4IMG_1447Hand washing and toothbrushing.ECD and primary level children20150915_134917Hand_washing@Global_HW_day
WASH(Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Education VINLTV11-A)

Under WASH project we aim to educate at least 3000 families on WASH and construct 3000 toilets by 2018.

Specific activities:

  • Educate community people in Hygiene Education
  • WASH campaigns in the schools with the involvement of Children
  • Construction of toilets in the community.


Toilet Construction-3Transitional Homes under constructionToilet Construction-2

RERI(Rebuilding Earthquake Resistant Infrastructure VINLTV11-B) 
Our focus is to construct earthquake Resistant infrastructure. Our goal is to help build 50 early childhood development centers, 30 community schools, 6 community centers through this project. This is fully hands on activities. The volunteers under this project in involve in the construction of earthquake resistant infrastructure.

Specific activities:

  • Involve in the construction of earthquake resistant infrastructure such as schools, toilets, Community Learning Centers etc.

REECH (Earthquake Resistant Home Construction Education VINLTV11-C)

We will educate people at all our working sites on building earthquake resistant homes through our technical education program. At least 32,000 people will benefit out of this project.

Specific activities:

  • Awareness campaigns in the community people, students on REECH

Entrepreneurship Building VINLTV11-D

This project will help overcome financial challenges for the Earthquake victims through multipurpose agro farm, vocational trainings like plumbing, masonry, electrification, furniture, professional farming, dairy products, water filters making training, etc. We will target young men and women on this project. We hope to train 3000 youth (age between 16 to 40) people in different working sites.

We need very professional and technical manpower for this project.

Specific activities:

  • Provide specific training to earthquake victims such as multipurpose agro farm project.

  • Facilitate youth entrepreneurship development by providing vocational training, e.g. Plumbing, Masonry, Electrician, Carpentry, farming – perma-culture, cottage industry like soap making,

Working with earthquake victim Children: VINLTV11-E

The children from many parts of rural Nepal were rescued and brought under a same roof with an aim to support their living and provide quality education. There are 350 students aged 4-17 years in a community school in Thankot.

The main objective of this project is to support and care the earthquake victims children for their overall development and protect their child rights by providing them favorable environment for their growth.

Specific Roles:

  • Prepare lesson plan of different subjects and teach to the children with the assistance of the classroom teacher.

  • Take personal health, hygiene and sanitation classes

  • Involve in games and extracurricular activities

  • Be creative and help these poor children in any possible ways.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, Housekeeping, Cook etc. are encouraged to apply

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