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Public speaking class in Thulagaun,Jitpurphedi community

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VIN has been working for the development of the women by providing different skillful trainings in Jitpurphedi  by mobilizing international and local volunteers. The goal of women’s empowerment program is to empower women and educate them and to build up their capacity in  public speaking.The training mainly focused on inspiring and educating women in their public speaking skills to make them able to give speeches confidently and to make them able to express their views on anything they feel right or wrong.

The public speaking class has been done

The participants were involved in questions and answers sessions.The women were asked to make group of two people. In this group the women had to imagine what the ideal life is for her and what is the worst life for her. They wrote some keys words to remember their message.When they had finish, they had to go in front of the group and tell their speech. One woman have to tell about the ideal life and the other have to tell about the worst life. During the presentation the women learned to respect the methods of the public speaking.After all the speech, give some advices for make the presentation better. And propose an other activity for practice.After the first activity, ask to the women to prepare if they want, an individual speech. They have to imagine a project that they would like to do in their community. For exemple bring drinking water for all the community or built some toilets for every house. After that they have to explain the project in front of the group, like in the first activity.After that you can speak about women’s trafficking. If they know what it is, if they see this situation in their community or in another community. Since these women belong to Jitpurphedi cooperative for many years, they already know how the cooperative works and the type of making  them can be confident. However, women showed interest in the new types building their confident.

Moreover, 2-hours session was dedicated specifically to the public speaking training  and some activities to build their confident. This session created a little bit of the segregation amongst the participants (some women did not have confident built up ), but the women who were able to follow the explanations seemed to be very satisfied in the end and all were happy to know about the concept of public speaking and stand up by confidentiality.

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