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Health service from Kavresthali health post.

Published on: 13/06/2018

VIN’s doctor visits Kavresthali health post once a week in Tuesdays. Other time paramedics run the health post. In average 20-30 people come every time, of which 10 need to see a doctor from different reasons. Most common health problems are skin infections, diarrhea and gastroenteritis due to poor hygiene and sanitation. Also, non-communicable diseases related to lifestyle, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are becoming more common in the village today. Before people had to walk everywhere and work in the fields. Now they are renting their field for money, take a bus or motorcycle to where they are going and eat processed foods. In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption are causing health problems for many. Information is collected and sent to the district public health office, Kathmandu (DPHO) for the compilation of statistics. DPHO publishes national health report annually based on the report sent by local and district level. Treatment and medicine are free to people which is helpful for those who cannot afford private clinics. Sometimes health post organize special clinics for example in gynecology, heart disease and dental in coordination with city hospitals.

Kavresthali health clinic has both hired and voluntary staffs. Health assistant, community medical auxiliaries, Auxiliary nurse midwifery and an office assistant are hired. Nineteen local female community health volunteers are in touch with the clinic. They visit local people who are, for example, ill, pregnant, giving birth or in cases someone dies. They connect local people with the clinic and transfer message of health to local people.

Health post is government organization, and VIN provides doctor service and from time to time international volunteers like medical students and nurses who want to help and learn how to work in developing country village clinic. VIN has also supported the establishment of pathology laboratory. VIN has supplied medicines and paper bags to keep medicine. Kavresthali health post offers health care in a very basic level. It provides for example vaccinations against polio, Japanese encephalitis, tetanus and measles, wound care, follow-ups, family planning, nutrition supplements and pregnancy clinics. Kavresthali health post is committed for the best service delivery. Ithas been awarded by the government for its service to community people.

Before there used to be only the health post but today there are several private clinics nearby people can use. Kavresthali health post has a long history. It was moved to present location, building previously used as a school, in 2017. This building has pharmacy, checkup room and a pathology laboratory. New health clinic building is going to be built just opposite of the street. Land for that purpose has already been donated by local people.

Sitaram, aged 21, came to see the doctor because he had been suffering from back ache. He walked to the health post from his home nearby. Doctor told him it is likely caused from his bad sitting position. He was ordered to sit in better position and massage his back at home. – This health post is important because it is nearby and free. If there was no health post in Kavresthali, I would have to seek help from further, he says.

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