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Entrepreneurship Workshop – Tarkeshwor-3,Jitpurphedi Tinpiple

Published on: 01/06/2018

This week VIN conducted a three day workshop with the Jitpurphedi Cooperative’s monthly Management Committee focused on entrepreneurship, idea generation, and business planning. Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of financial independence – entrepreneurship can help women achieve financial independence and stability through the creation of small businesses. The goal of the workshop was to enhance and support the women’s ability to start and run a new business. The workshop came at a critical point in the development of the women as many of them have operated agricultural businesses their entire lives and now have decided to expand their horizons and diversify their businesses into something new. By diversifying their income streams, the women will become less subject to the harsh cycles of the agricultural business. Multiple income streams should help improve their cash flow, allowing them to take more control of their income and their daily lives.

In total, 18 committee members were present and participated in the workshop. The workshop kicked off with a day focused on entrepreneurship; discussing examples of famous entrepreneurs, the skills and qualities common in successful entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial vision that is the driving force behind entrepreneurship. The women participated in an activity where they all stood up and shared one by one their own vision and how they wanted to achieve that vision. The first day concluded with the women participating in house building game that promoted skills such as teamwork, emphasized key lessons such as quality vs quantity, and encouraged appropriate risk taking. The second day revolved around introspection, as the women were asked to summarize what they learned from the house building game and how those lessons could be applied to business. The women were then encouraged to think introspectively and reflect on their own unique strengths and weaknesses. A quick lesson on the importance of teamwork was conducted to reinforce the concept that people’s relative strengths and weaknesses can balance each other out. The day concluded with an introduction to business planning lesson that discussed the importance of not only having a business plan, but also the importance of creating a business plan. While it is important to have a business plan to keep yourself organized and inform others of your company, the process of creating a business plan helps you mentally think through all the different facets of the business and foresee any potential problems that may arise. On the third and final day, the women participated in an idea generation brainstorming session, where they were asked a series of thought provoking questions designed to get them thinking outside the box of creative new business ideas. Then, we discussed the various parts of a strong business plan and together walked through what a sample business plan would look like for a sample business that the women came up with.


Overall, the workshop was well received and the women noted that they were satisfied with the training they received. The members said that they were able to learn lots of useful concepts and that the activities were interesting and fun. Now that they have the knowledge, the women stated that they are looking forward to getting more practical training in the future to equip them with the skills needed to make the products and businesses they discussed. This is an exciting time for the Jitpurphedi Cooperative and we look forward to support these women as they continue on their path to financial independence.

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