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Eighty people from Kavresthali are benefited from blood pressure and blood sugar campaign

Published on: 28/03/2018

Community outreach was done in the area of Simleshwar and Devisthan in Kavrestahali. With the limited time to perform basic vital assessment and gather information, there were only about 80 people attended. Blood pressure, random blood sugar and weight were taken. Medical history and current medication if applicable were also acquired for data collection. Most participants were young women below 40 years old who were found to have normal blood pressure. Of the few above 50 years old men and women that were checked, they were found to have high blood pressure and some are already on anti-hypertensive medication. Blood sugar were only done for the 40 years old and above and were normal with one isolated case of an elevated blood sugar at 330mg/dl.

Counselling were given to the people about hypertension and diabetes and the complications if left untreated. Emphasized monitoring of blood pressure for those on medications and for those who were found to be on high side. Advised them to attend health post for regular check at least once a week and to comply with their current medications. Smoking cessation was also advised however this needs to be more detailed. There should be a plan that can be suggested to the smokers which was not available during the outreach.

Regarding the hyperglycaemic case, advised to attend the health post or the medical to have a complete and proper evaluation by a medical doctor which she have agreed. Reiterated importance to be checked and the complications if not attended.

There were only very few overweight women and were below 40 years of age. Counselled regarding diet and exercise. Some of them are already doing early morning walks and that was encouraged.

There was a great reception of the community people during the outreach. They gather willingly once aware of blood pressure and blood sugar check. There were few concerns if they have to pay a fee and were made aware that it is a free service. Similarly, few voiced concerns regarding the health post services about fee and not being attended. Some were however mostly concern with the distance to travel from their houses to the medical or health post.

For continuity of monitoring there should be community outreach by the health post workers every week to sustain compliance and awareness of the community people about hypertension and diabetes.

The outreach clinic was organized by a volunteer team of a Nurse (Julie Galidan), VIN’s staff (Padma) and local volunteer (Dev) in guidance of VIN’s medical doctor (Dr Laxmi).

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