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Family volunteering opportunities can be defined as an activity that contributes for the overall development of community with active involvement of family members. Family Volunteering is not a new subject in the western countries whereas in the context of Nepal it is a very new concept.


Our mission is to empower marginalized communities, with a focus on women and children, through enhanced educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights. Our successful volunteering program till date has encouraged us to promote family volunteering in Nepal.


Family volunteering promotes the sense of responsibility towards the community; create social networks/contacts. We are more isolated in this globalized world.  It provides an opportunity to spend quality time with your family members and learn Nepali culture and share experiences.


Cultural immersion is the most important thing one values in family volunteering.  The volunteers will be placed with a host family and get a better opportunity to learn Nepali culture and way of living. The volunteers would immerse into Nepali culture through cultural exchange programs as well.


Furthermore we encourage family volunteering as it motivates youth, children and parents   to help people in need. It creates a positive role model especially for the children and youths. It broadens your perspective on less developed countries like Nepal. Family volunteering has numerous benefits to the volunteers and the community.


Benefits of family volunteering:

  • You get an opportunity to spend some valuable time with your family. It helps relieve isolation.
  • The children and youth learn to help disadvantaged and needy people which give positive impact in their life.
  • Develop a sense of unity among the people of various ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • Family volunteering helps people to understand the situation of other people living their way of life.
  • Community activities are performed with the help of moral support which contributes in sustainable development.
  • Family volunteering develops a sense of responsibilities and involvement.
  • Family volunteering encourages your generation to get involved in social service throughout life because of the bond you make with Nepali families and communities.
  • The marginalised communities of Nepal can learn technical expertise from people of developed nations.
  • It improves communication skills of the community people you live and work with.


The family members are entitled to choose any programs of their choice as follows:


So why wait? Come and join hands with VIN with your family. You have small child? No problem! You can volunteer in our early childhood education project and contribute destitute children in our community and your child will be with you learning the activities to Nepali children. If you have grown up child, then the child can share his knowledge and skills of his age Nepali participants and you can choose to do other community volunteering. If your spouse has different skills than yours, you both may work for different volunteering projects. So should you like to do same volunteering or different volunteering projects VIN projects can fit your family as we have lots of different project in the same community. So do same or different activities but stay as a family in the same community and same place. Then is family volunteering not a great idea to get involved with VIN? Give a thought and drop us an enquiry. We will be there to guide you through the process. Get involved with VIN as a family in our great social cause and change the life of people in the way you want.

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