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Women’s Trafficking Prevention

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VIN’s Women’s Trafficking Prevention Program aims to prevent the trafficking of young girls within Nepal and internationally.  VIN’s overall mission is the empowerment of marginalised communities with a focus on women and children. Many girls are sold into trafficking because of poverty and illiteracy; two of the debilitating socio-economic factors that stand between the communities VIN works with and empowerment.  VIN is looking for committed volunteers or interns to work with staff and local volunteers to perform research on the issues promoting women trafficking and determine pragmatic ways to minimise them.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal has become a source of men, women and children sold into forced labor and sex trafficking.  Victims are trafficked within Nepal, to India, the Middle East and Malaysia, where they are forced, among other things, to become prostitutes, domestic servants, beggars and factory workers. Girls may become victims of women trafficking when they require support to obtain employment, work permits, visas and other travel documents.

In some cases, poor financial condition of family is the cause of women trafficking. Some girls, the victims of poverty and illiteracy, are lured by false marriages or promises of employment or education.  Many are taken across the Nepal-India border, which is open and legal documents are not required.

The daily existence of a trafficked women is forced physical intercourse, denial of sustenance, denial of freedom and the risk of unsafe abortion and infection with HIV. Those with HIV are thrown out; with nowhere to go, they end up on the streets.

VIN welcomes volunteers who will work with our staff to research the issues and possible solutions to women trafficking.  There is no quantitative data on trafficking and the full extent is unknown; it is not meaningfully tracked by the government and the open border with India means activity goes undetected.  Volunteers would work with VIN working in trafficking prone areas, interviewing families whose children have been sold and conducting trafficking awareness within the community.

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