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Program Fees Income Generation & Marketin

Without empowered women a community cannot be empowered and to become empowered women must be a part of the economy, with access to income.  VIN’s Income Generation Program & Marketing was implemented to support the women of marginalised communities to generate sustainable income through agricultural and non-agricultural ventures.

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest nations.  While it is estimated that 40% of its women are economically active, their roles as manual labourers are disregarded.  Access to education is limited by poverty and gender discrimination, meaning are women confined to menial jobs within subsistence farming and without knowledge and credit, they are unable to change this situation by engaging in productive income generation & marketing program.

VIN has been working with Jitpur Phedi community since 2007.  During this time 65 women’s groups have been formed, ensuring a sustainable source of support for the women.  VIN staff, helped by local and international volunteers, have worked with the groups to provide training to help transform their subsistence agriculture into commercial products. Training in non-agricultural ventures has also been given, such as candle making, incense production and dry food production.

Our work in Jitpur Phedi is well-established, helping increasing numbers of women and we look forward to achieving our objectives of increased sustainable, income and ultimate independence for the women’s groups and the community.  We are now looking forward to establishing this and the complete Women’s Empowerment Program  in Okhaldhunga, our new focus community.

VIN is seeking volunteers to continue to support Income Generation & Marketing Program, helping VIN staff to train the women, work with them on their farms, explore possible markets for the women’s products and research and document case studies on programs and success stories.

During the volunteer placement you will live in the community with a local host family, offering you the chance to become immersed in Nepali culture and language.

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