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Education, Rights and Life Skills

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VIN recognises education as essential to empowerment.  Yet women in Nepali society continue to face social and cultural barriers to it.  VIN established the Education, Rights and Life Skills project to give women in marginalised communities the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate in a successful community.  Volunteer or intern, join us to learn more about the barriers facing Nepali women and help to remove them.

Poverty is pervasive in Nepal’s rural communities and girl children are needed to help with household chores, rather than go to school.  A perceived burden, they are then married early, acquiring a new home to care for.  The result; women from impoverished, rural communities gain a low level of education, too low to enable them to receive further education or enter skilled jobs.

VIN’s overall objective is the empowerment of marginalised communities.  VIN has been working with Jitpur Phedi community since 2007 and believes if those most marginalised – women and children – are empowered then the community will be transformed.  VIN operates the Education, Rights and Life Skills program to provide basic education, life skills training, knowledge on health and domestic issues and inform women of their rights.  We have provided literacy classes and practical training to over 500 women in the community.  We are looking forward to implementing this work as part of the Women’s Empowerment Program, in Okhaldhunga, our new focus community.

We are looking for volunteers or interns to support this project.  You will help to deliver training, develop tasks to test what the women have learned or even create your own course.  You may also be invited to teach English language skills to women within the community.

During your volunteer placement you will live in the community with a Nepali host family, offering you the chance to become immersed in Nepali culture and language.

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