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Jitpurphedi, kathmandu

jitpur Phedi community

Located in the area of Shivapuri national Park, Jitpurphedi Village Development Committer (VDC) is surrounded by Kavresthali, Dharmasthali of Kathmandu and Okharpauwa VDC of Nuwakot District. Jitpurphedi VDC is situated  north western part of Kathmandu District, Bagmati Zone. Jitpurphedi is an important site from a touristic and historical view. This VDC also has good geography and a pleasant environment. The term ‘Jitpur’ in Nepali means Win. When we go back to history, King Prithivi Narayan Shah (the First King of Mordan Nepal) won his battle to make country unite from this VDC. Along with this, we can see a great view of Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot and Dhading from this VDC. This VDC is 9 KM far from VIN’s main office and it takes approximately 45 minutes in a local bus. There are different ethnic groups living together but Brahmin and Kshetri are the majority group and minorities are the Rai’s and Limbu and Balami.


Based on our baseline survey conducted in 2007, the VDC has 918 households in a total of 9 wards. Among them ward no.1 has the least number of households, only 59, whereas ward number 9 has the largest number of households -170. The VDC has a total population of 4802; among which 50.25% is female where as 49.75% is male. Out of the total population, 364 i.e. 7.58% are infants, which belongs to children below age 5. 66.95% (3215) are literate where as 25.47% (1223) are illiterate. Out of total population, 27.45% (1318) of children of school going age, i.e. age 5-15 are going to school where as 1.04% (50) do not go to school and 0.75% (36) are drop out. Though the school not going % and drop out % seems low. Out of total literate, 1.9% (61) is SLC failed, whose age lies between 16-25 years. Again out of the total literate population 10.48% (337) are SLC passed only, 7.53% (242) are Intermediate level pass, 1.68% (54) are bachelor level pass and 0.28% (9) are Master’s level pass. Out of 918 households 78.76% (723) are dependent on agriculture for their subsistence and income. 29.52% (271) have service either at private or government offices. 13.83% (127) have their business as shop; Poultry farming etc. 8.82% (81) have flown abroad, especially Golf countries as Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.


Like in other VDCs, a majority of the population of this place is dependent on agriculture. Around 79 % of land of this VDC is used for agriculture. The main crops in this VDC are rice, paddy, millet, corn and potato and in some places vegetables are also harvested. Though agriculture is one of the main occupations for the people living in this place, they have a poor irrigation system. As a result, they don’t have good agriculture products. They produce vegetables like coriander, garlic, onions, pumpkin, chilly, tomato, cucumber and other crops for commercial purposes. Besides agriculture, some part of the population of this VDC works in services, industries, labor and small business. Some youth are working abroad, especially in Gulf countries. In recent years, poultry farming has become a popular business in this area due to proximity of the Kathmandu city.


This VDC has all together 9 schools in which 3 are secondary, 3 primary and 3 private and one community campus. Because of VIN’s project implementation most population of this VDC are literate. We have been able to send almost all children to go to school. Majority of youth on completion of their high school (10 years of schooling) go to Kathmandu for higher education.


The health status of this community has improved a lot after implementation of VIN’s Public Health Program . In the past, most population would give priority to witch doctors when they were sick. Now the people visit a VIN doctor. This VDC has only one health post. VIN has equipped the health post with basic infrastructure including: a laboratory, doctor, several nurses. The drinking water is available in the common taps but not connected to the households. The water purity status is not checked – so we are unaware if the water is pure because the authority has not installed a purification system.


VIN is a non-governmental, non-profit making  volunteer organization established in 2005. From its established date, VIN has been working for children’s development, women’s empowerment, community health and youth empowerment in this community. Our main aim is to establish women to be independent, provide quality education and rights to the children, and help youth to get employed by providing career development trainings and skill development projects. Taking care of all the aspects of Jitpurphedi VDC, VIN has been implementing its projects in all the wards and schools for its catchments.


Women Empowerment Program 

VIN has been implementing its projects for the empowerment of women of this VDC from its inception. The organization started building the women’s groups in each ward. After forming women’s groups, VIN motivated all the women’s groups to participate in income generation marketing trainings and provided information on agriculture and non-agriculture to make them self-reliant. VIN also encouraged women to focus on savings and credit. VIN organized income generation program for women to make them able to earn their living by themselves.


VIN provided different trainings on livestock rearing candle-making, incense- making, sewing& cutting, handicrafts, organic farming etc. In the VDC, VIN has established 68 women’s group by the end of 2013 and allowing all these women for savings. VIN has also established microcredit cooperative  system to allow women to have saving and credit services available. Women can now purchase things that they need like seeds and fertilizers from the cooperative office. All these activities have empowered the women, and they are happy because the project has made them self reliant.


Children Development:

VIN has also been working with children from its initial phase by setting up Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers. From the starting date to present, the ECD centre in Ward no 4, Panchmane has benefited hundreds of children. VIN has also provided trainings on Montessori based early childhood education for all the teachers from different school based ECD centers. VIN has equipped these centers with child friendly facilities.  Hundreds of international volunteers have participated in our child development projects.


VIN also supports destitute children from poor families to go to school from its child sponsorship project . Because otherwise, school aged children need to support their families in the fields just because their parents are unable to pay for their school fees. We have sponsored over 180 children’s education thus far.


VIN has also set up school based children’s club with an aim to enhance their creative skills by doing different types of extra-curriculum activities. To make it sustainable, VIN chose children leaders from each class and started another group so they can coordinate their own group in same way. In these entire children club organize different educational and co-curricular activities by themselves. VIN has also been giving different trainings on child rights and health & hygiene to the children.


Public Health Program

The health status of Jitpurphedi is not good even though half of its population is educated. The majority of people give their first priority to witch doctors when they fall sick. This VDC used to have only one sub-Health post where there is limited access to medicines and treatments for the patients. To combat this problem, VIN has undertaken a project for public health and medical care . From 2010, three times in a week, VIN has supported a doctor in this health post. Along with this, VIN has been providing health education and training to different schools, children, women and teachers.  Till this date, VIN has provided health and hygiene training and first aid training to each school. Also VIN has trained most of the women for women’s health, health and hygiene and First aid. Before starting this project, the sub-health post didn’t have proper equipment and a doctor so VIN provided a doctor, medicines, formed a lab, and turned into a health post. Nowadays, the health post is crowded with sick people three days in a week.


VIN has also been constructing toilets for the families who are poor and cannot afford to make a toilet. VIN aims to install hygiene facilities to stop open defecation in this VDC. Our construction and manual volunteer project has been instrumental for this campaign.


Youth Empowerment Program:

Youth empowerment project was also developed by VIN. In the initial phase, youth were given different types of trainings like English and career development , handicraft, first aid and cook training in order to motivate them and create opportunity for employment.


In closing, VIN has initiated many different programs with their main focus on children, women, youth and health in this VDC. This has brought positive changes in the lives of the residents. VIN has motivated empowered all community stakeholders. There is still much to achieve in the field of sustainable community development.


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