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Child Care Early Childhood Education

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VIN believes that the protection and promotion of child rights and childhood development are vital to creating an empowered community. VIN has set up Child Care Early Childhood Education Centres in underprivileged, rural communities to give their children, aged 3 to 5 years, the start they need. We welcome volunteers and interns to work with us to support and develop the potential of these children.

Although the government of Nepal has on several occasions encouraged communities to set up Early Childhood Education Centres, due to the scattered nature of rural villages, institutions such as local schools become nearly inaccessible for many local people. As a result, most children spend their early years at home, without play material, acquiring no communicative or social skills.

VIN’s overall objective is the empowerment of marginalised communities.  We have been working with Jipur Phedi community since 2007 and have recently begun work with Okhaldunga, in the Everest region and will soon start at Okharpauwa, Nuwakot.

As part of VIN’s Chldren’s Development Program, we have set up fourty Early Childhood Education Centres and expanding more across three separate districts in Nepal. We support ten Early Childhood Education Centres around the Jitpurphedi community, outskirts of Kathmandu and more recently another thirty in the Okhaldungha community, Everest region. We have equipped all of them with games and facilities suitable for young children.  We have also subsidised and trained teachers to work in the centres, ensuring that their approach is joyful and creative to establish a positive learning environment.  Overall, the centres are designed to aid the development of the children’s motor, mental, emotional and social skills and give them the right start in education.

VIN seeks enthusiastic and flexible volunteers to help teach basic level English Language and Mathematics in our Early Childhood Education Centres.  As well as helping to prepare the children for basic, primary education, you will help the children develop good health and sanitation habits.

During your placement you will live in the community in a home-stay environment with a Nepali host family, where you will be immersed in the Nepali language and culture.

Childhood Development

Early childhood is the most significant period of learning for every human being, establishing the cognitive, emotional and social foundation upon which each child builds his or her future.  Although all children develop at their own pace, they progress through a sequence of physical, cognitive and emotional growth and change. Children who are nurtured and well cared for are more likely to fully develop their learning and language as well as emotional and social skills. They are more likely to grow up healthier, and to have higher self-esteem. These things are crucial for their later well-being as adults.  The people of Nepal have limited awareness of the importance of Early Childhood Education and limited access to resources.

Your Experience

Early Childhood Education volunteers will typically carry out regular teaching activities.  A rough account of the activities that volunteers may be involved with in Early Childhood Education program are described below.


To teach effectively at Early Childhood Education Centres, volunteers need to first have a good understanding of the specific purpose of these centres. The major objectives of an Early Childhood Education Centre are as follows:

  • Overall development of children from a physical, mental, social and emotional perspective
  • Improvement of health, hygiene and sanitation of the children and develop healthy habits in children
  • To prepare children for entry in primary education

Secondly, Early Childhood Education volunteers need to be aware of the subjects taught in Early Childhood Education Centres, the three main subjects covered in an Early Childhood Education class throughout a year are as follows:


  • Alphabets: Capital A-Z, Small a-z, words starting with each letter of the alphabet  (Both reading and writing)
  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Colours and shapes (Oral)
  • Body parts (Oral)
  • Clothes (Oral)
  • Names of vegetables, fruits, animals, birds, vehicles, flowers, insects (Oral)
  • My family (Oral)
  • My School (Oral)
  • My Classroom (Oral)
  • Emotions and feelings (Oral)
  • Festival and celebrations


The Nepali lessons follow the same structure as English (above)


  • Numbers: 1-100
  • One-Twenty
  • Before-After-Between
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

You will typically work six days a week and around five hours each day.

Throughout your placement you will have the full support of VIN.  Your safety is our highest priority.  On arrival you will be greeted at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport and transported to your hotel (alternative arrangements can be made for those already in Nepal prior to the start of their placement).  You will then receive a comprehensive three-day induction, during which time you will be provided with information about your particular placement as well as general information, including basic Nepalese language and culture.  This is also a good time to mix with other volunteers or interns who may be great sight-seeing companions and a source of support during your volunteer placement.

During the induction you will be accommodated in a hotel.  However, a large part of the VIN experience comes from the immersion of a home stay with a Nepalese host family.  While this is an essential part of the experience we also recognise that it can be a challenging one, becoming part of a new culture and becoming accustomed to facilities that will be more basic than those you are used to.  However, all our host families are experienced in accommodating volunteers – although their ability to speak English will vary – and you will have 24 hour access to contact and support from our staff members during your placement.

VIN’s Work

VIN presently supports nine Early Childhood Education Centres based in eight schools in Jitpurphedi, as well as another thirty recently added in the Okhaldhunga community. These centres have purposefully been based in marginalised communities.  As we continue to support the already established Early Childhood Education Centres in the Jitpurphedi and Okhaldhunga communities we also seek new ways to expand our support to the rest of these communities in an effort to create a fuller and lasting impact.

Objectives by 2020

  • Improved access for all children (3-5 yrs) to the Early Childhood Education Project; and
  • Improved results of Early Childhood Education children in school by overall development of motor-neuron, mental, emotional and social skills.

Desired Results 

  • Increased knowledge and behavior change of parents of children aged 3-5 on Early Childhood Education and hygiene;
  • All children of 3 to 5 years of age attending Early Childhood Education programs;
  • Strengthened management capacity of Management Committee of Early Childhood Education, demonstrating an increased accountability mechanism towards stakeholders;
  • Increased knowledge and practical experience of Early Childhood Education teachers on Child Friendly Teaching & Learning Approaches; and
  • Early Childhood Education Curriculum and guidelines for Early Childhood Education teachers developed and implemented.
  • Raising awareness of parents of 3-5 year-olds on developmental needs of children in their early years and practices to address, achieved through orientation briefings and mass awareness raising campaigns;

Significant Achievements to Date

  • In 2008, VIN established a community-based Early Childhood Education Centre at Pachmane with the help of the Community and District Education Office;
  • From 2009, VIN started to work with school-based Early Childhood Education Centres. Four Schools were supported with matching funds (1:2 ratio) to establish Early Childhood Education Centres with child-friendly seating arrangements and educational and play materials. The Early Childhood Education teachers were trained on Early Childhood Education teaching/learning approaches in the same year by local staff and international volunteers;
  • Matching funds support to establish Early Childhood Education Centres was extended to eleven more public schools and communities in 2013.  Similarly, the community-based Early Childhood Education Centre received support to construct its own building and make their classes more child-friendly.  The VIN established Early Childhood Education Centre has now 3 child friendly rooms;
  • The school-based Early Childhood Education Centre were further strengthened with the supply of more educational and play materials;
  • 20 more Early childhood development Education centres are set up in Okhaldhunga and 10 more in process.
  • Many overseas volunteers participated in this program and helped local teachers and participant children learn creative activities.


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Actually, this is my second time to come to Nepal and work with VIN. Last time I came here, I felt I would love to come back. And now, I feel the same as last year. So I would love to come back to Nepal and work with VIN in near future... again!!

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